Music Marketing

Music Marketing Tips

In this article we will cover music marketing tips and strategies to help increase your online music sales.

Demographic and Online Presence

The first thing you need to know about music marketing online is your demographic. Who does your music appeal to?
As a musician, you have an idea of the people that enjoy listening to your music. You can target them in many different ways online.

Ask yourself, “How do my fans find me?”
If you haven’t already, take advantage of all the free Social Media websites such as and just to name a few, do so!

One of the most important things about music marketing is your online presence. Even though being proactive on social media is a must, you need to be able to direct your fans to a single place. Your personal website! Now a days having a personal website is not only necessary, it’s essential. Weather you are a musician, producer or a band, come up with a name (domain name) and create your site. Go to, they can get you started for as little as one dollar.

Now that you have set up your website it’s time to address the most important thing about music marketing… SELLING YOUR MUSIC. We recently partnered up with a great site called which makes selling your music a breeze. They will provide you with a personal music storefront you can place directly on your website. Best of all the process is really simple! Make sure to check them out.